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The Catechism calls the Rosary "The epitome of the whole Gospel."

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~Handcrafted Flower Petal Rosaries ~

Hand Rolled One Bead at a Time!

The Flower Petal keepsake rosary is carefully handcrafted from the petals of dried flowers or roses. This rosary is very different from the 100% Rose Petal Rosary.  (For information on the original 100% Rose Petal Rosary, please visit the Rose Petal Rosary page of this website.) The dried petals are crushed to a fine powder and mixed with a base.  The beads are hand-rolled and then fired for hardness, resulting in a durable ceramic bead that come in your choice of colors. The original flower petals are within the bead preserving them for generations to enjoy and cherish.  The Flower Petal Rosaries are capped with elegant filigree bead caps.  The caps add to their beauty and durability. 

Also available in a Single Decade Chaplet (see below).


Color samples of Flower Petal Rosaries

(Click on photo to enlarge)


(L to R) Terra Cotta, Dusty Rose, Dusty Blue, Light  Pink, Sage Green, Light Violet, Carmine Red, Cobalt Blue, White, Yellow, and True Red.


                               Light Pink         Sage Green       Light Violet      Carmine Red


                                                             White                Yellow





Important notes about ordering the Flower Petal Rosary:

  • Please be sure to send your flowers with your order.

  • Please send only DRIED flower petals. 

  • To dry your petals, pull the petals off the stem and spread loose petals on newspaper or paper towels and let air dry.  This needs to be done to prevent the flowers from getting moldy while in transit.

  • Please make sure the dried petals are not moldy or rotted as these cannot be used to make beads.

  • Do not send leaves or stems.

  • The petals from one to six flowers are needed to craft this beautiful Rosary.

  • Any kind of flower can be used including roses. 

  • Sometimes more flowers are received than needed.  Extra flowers that are sent will be stored for up to one year and then discarded.

  • Whereas these beads are hand-formed, please allow for slight variations to occur. The variations allow each Rosary to be unique and add to its beauty for generations to enjoy and cherish.

  • The Flower Petal Rosary is the perfect choice if you don't have roses and prefer a ceramic type bead in your choice of color.

  • If you need a rush on your Rosary order for a special occasion, this keepsake Rosary is the perfect choice.

Shipping Instructions for both the Flower Petal Rosary and Chaplet:

To order a keepsake Flower Petal Rosary and Chaplet, please use the printable Order Form.   

  • In preparing the flowers for shipment, pull the petals off of the base and stem so that the petals are loose.

  • Spread the petals on newspaper or paper towels and let air dry before shipping. 

  • Dried flower petals may be enclosed in a zip lock bag or other container.

  • Complete the order form, enclose your payment and flower petals, and mail it to my workshop. 

~Single Decade Chaplets ~

IMPORTANT: Single decade chaplets are available in the Flower Petal beads only. 

Due to the time and labor involved, the Flower Petal chaplets are only available when ordering two or more Flower Petal Rosaries.

Single decade chaplets are priced at $20.00 each in base metal only.

A single decade chaplet consists of ten Ave beads, one Our Father bead, one crucifix and one medal or center.

Each chaplet comes in its own plastic case.

The single decade chaplets are NOT available in the 100% Rose Petal beads.

Please follow the Flower Petal Rosary instructions above for ordering the Flower Petal chaplets.

Color samples of Flower Petal Chaplets

(Click on photo to enlarge)


(L to R) Terra Cotta, Dusty Rose, Dusty Blue, Light  Pink, Sage Green, Light Violet, Carmine Red, Cobalt Blue, White, Yellow, and True Red.

The Flower Petal chaplets shown above (L to R) Dusty Rose,  Dusty Blue, Light Pink, Sage Green, Light Violet, Cobalt Blue, White, True Red.

(Please note: The single decade chaplets are not considered bracelets.)

(Chaplet designs may vary or change without notice)


Due to periods of high volume, delivery times are subject to change without notice



Disclaimer:  A Crown of Roses is not responsible for damage to rosaries from improper care, misuse, or mishandling.

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